1. How Are The Shipping Rate is Calculated?                                                                                                                                     Rate is calculated according to locations and service.

  2. What Are The Usual Methods Of Payments?                                                                                                                              We provides the payment through different online mediums like esewa, khalti, IPS, Bank Transfer and other method.

  3. Do you Provide Pick Up and Drop service For Domestic Goods?                                                                                        Yes, We Do provide The Pick-Up and Drop Service For Domestic Goods But According To Volume.

  4. Do You Provide Insurance?                                                        Yes! We Do Provide Insurance Of Domestic and International Shipment As well.

  5. Do you provide discounts?                                                         Yes! We do provide discounts on volume of shipments.

  6. When Do You provide payment?                                               We provide payments Twice a Week .

  7. What Kind Of Service do you Provide?                                       We provide Road Transport , International Courier and Cargo and Mainly We Provide CASH ON DELIVERY.

  8. How do you provide Cash On Delivery?                                    We provide rate And Location List .After If You Agree Then We provide You System CASH ON DELIVERY. All The Information is mentioned There.

  9. Do you provide Export and Import for International Shipment ?                                                                                    Yes ! we Provide Export And Import Solution From All over the World.

  10. How Discounts apply ?                                                               We have different policies on discounts. We  provide discounts on bulk shipments. If the shipments are more than 40 to 50 per day than we provide handsome discounts to the vendor.